Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Traditions?

A new year begins with new resolutions.  A resolve to change, improve, or at least revise.  A do over.  Start again.  Refresh.

I am grateful that God gives us these times.  Sometimes a new school year.  Sometimes a new season.  Now a new calendar year.  A fresh start.

Starting new this year means thinking of that half marathon looming yet again come spring.  Fewer trips to Bread Co.  Healthier eating and more regimented living.  Inevitably chaos wins.  I am somehow OK with that.

This year I think also of traditions.  What continues?  What evolves?  What fades?  Do we spend enough time forming these bonds of ritual in our family?  Should we spend more time, do more things?  What about less?

You know what thought came to me while I hashed and rehashed these thoughts during the first few hours and days of 2013?  I began to wonder what my kids will want me to pass down to them when the time comes.  Those things - items wrapped in the sentimentality of the tradition behind them - are strangely caught up in my mind as the stuff that matters tonight.

I guess I'm thinking of Christmas mostly.  It is certainly a time of sweet remembrance.  The wooden advent calendar, the Willow Tree nativity, the ornaments.  These are the things that come out, even when we head to Disney World instead of doing our normal, more "traditional" routines. 

So much to think about.  To be grateful for.  To anticipate and celebrate. 

Here's to the moments of 2012 ...and to the living of 2013. 

Happy New Year everyone!
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