Wednesday, October 24, 2012

when blood is thicker

Monday the boys clammered into the van after Read Right Run practice.  "Mom," Meiners whined.  "Today T made me be buddies with him and I wanted to be buddies with my friend."

I paused to inhale a big breath.  My Wednesday small group ladies have been devouring Lysa Terkeurst's book Unglued, and this could definitely become one of those destructive meltdown mommy moments if I wasn't careful.  First of all, that whole whining thing?  It immediately shoves me angrily plummeting over the rocky ledge.  But loyalty to family is a trait we constantly impress upon our children and here was my son bucking that concept.  Boldly.

"Son," I exhaled.  "I don't care what friend or what girl is on whatever team or space you are in from here to eternity."  I began.  "When your brother asks you to help him by buddying up, you buddy up.  Period. The end."

I don't suppose this concept flies everyone's kite out in the world, but that is how this family rolls. 

Two hours later, I sat in the van in the driveway of T's violin teacher with the two little kids.  The radio played; the rain poured; I may or may not have taken a nap.  Apparently, the lights of the van were left on.  When I turned the key in the ignition to take us all home, there was a *click click click.*   And then there was nothing.

My brother- and sister-in-law live just around the corner from violin lessons.  We live a long way from there.  I called my sister-in-law and, within a few minutes, her husband was on his way to save us from our cul-de-sac nightmare.

Later, as we drove home, my boys marveled at how blood really is thicker than water.

Thanks, Uncle Michael, for saving the day ~ and for giving your nephews a nice little object lesson.  You're a family hero!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my life by iPhone

I have 607 photos on my iPhone.  I know this because tonight I went to upload a few photos to share here as a ~ sort of ~ monthly memoir, and as I pushed the buttons to transfer the photos from one device to the other, the number 607 popped up.

Why on earth would anyone have 607 photos on her phone?  It's not like I use my phone's storage to share photos of my kids with strangers I'm just meeting or anything techno-savvy like that.  I enjoy a nice perusing once in a while that jogs memories of that lunch at Bread Co with Sara or the 16 funny faces Pooks took of herself at the pumpkin patch Saturday, but 607 random photos on an iPhone seems extreme.

That's why I'm uploading 607 photos to my laptop tonight.  Apparently, storing them on a laptop carved out specifically for only my eyes seems like a much more legitimate location to store 607 random photos of my life.

I hope it's not a mistake.

A rare one with me and my pooks.  Love that girl.

A favorite Bread Co moment with Sashi and her Daddy

Oh my gosh - isn't she so cute??  At Rocky Mountain National Park.

On a scavenger hunt in Chicago during family mission trip.  "Hug an employee."  Check.

On a date with my sweet boy.  After Pi?  Cupcakes Baby!

Really there are no words.  He is an original.  At pick up at heart camp.

Oooooooh!  Flying across the northern coast of south america!

Me and my baby daddy before his company Christmas party.  Quite a night.

Hahaha!  The day after Meiners took a hit to the face in basketball. 
He refused to go to school, so we went to the zoo.
Don't tell anyone.

My last morning in Lima before my private tour guide arrived.

Gorgeous sunset at Parents vs. Teachers football game.

What mom is doing at every school event through the eyes of Pooks.
PTO Photographer

Meeting my lil niece for the first time last summer.

First pair of earrings I made for Monarch.
I wear them constantly.

Pretty impressive mother-daughter pancake duo,
if I do say so myself.

Wow.  Such a great shot at the zoo!  Love this guy.
Who's watching who at the St. Louis Zoo?

Trying to snap a photo of Meiners with his pets for his
All About Me page in scouts.

Fashion Documentary
Some days are better than others.
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