Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st: What We Did in October

I spent a lot of time yesterday morning re-reading a whole bunch of my blog.  The overwhelming theme I read was the same theme I now write.  I'm a mess, there's no time, and I want to get this season in writing.

There must be a lesson there.

So, I thought I would recap October - a truly incredible month of living here at our house, and worth repeating.

Early in the month, J spent a lot of time preparing our yard for new landscaping.  We decided the overwhelming amounts of ivy needed to go.  He dug it all out himself, pulled out all the old bushes and trees (except those two awesome burning bushes), and ended up needing to grind a stump or two.

Right after I snapped this picture of my man hard at work, our neighbor came out and said this stump belonged to him.  This led to a couple of land surveys - his and ours - that ultimately determined he was correct.  It was a bummer, because our little spot on the planet grew a little smaller, but we aren't persnickety about it.  It was disappointing, but that was all.  Well, that and we now have to move the landscaping that went in before the surveys.

Didn't it turn out beautifully, though?  We love it!  I can't wait to see the new bushes bloom in the spring!

It made me laugh that the kids were *this* into watching the men planting:

This month we also trekked to a food truck fundraiser for some friends of ours who started a foundation when one of their twin daughters was born with a congenital heart defect.  It was pretty chilly, but the food was tasty, it was for a fabulous cause, we saw one of my four chambered heart Bazouki, and Family Time is always fun, regardless!

isn't that sunset beautiful?!
We tried out our new Six Flags Season Passes by attending Fright Fest.  I was not looking forward to this - I *hate* roller coasters, but, like I said, "Family Time is Fun" and the Mister was WAY into it, so I tagged along;).  I road the Mine Train, came off it shaking like a leaf and nearly sobbing, and J let me off the hook the rest of the day.  (Thank you Jesus.)  Meiners did a pretty good job trying a few coasters, too, and Sashi?  Holy Cow she tried a few I don't think she should have, but she only cried after Screamin' Eagle.  She was VERY brave.  The twins, of course, were Dare Devils.  They rode EVERYTHING.  Oh - it was also chilly and a lil rainy, but no one's spirits were dampened by it.

riding the ferris wheel - just about my speed ... and I forgot, that morning we all spoke in front of church about our family's summer mission trip (see shirt)
Moon Cars were *always* my favorite as a child!
me -n- my sweet girl

me -n- my other sweet girl! 

smart alec

to J's surprise - I road this one.  Several times.  I admit, I was freaked out, but not *that* much.  Love this pic!

<3 td="">
I needed some pictures for work and for a new phone case, so we grabbed a few spare moments (and a lot of yelling as two kids duked it out) to achieve these:

In the middle of the month, during the coldest weekend, J prepared for his survival weekend re-do with his two buddies.  They nearly froze to death, but I think they enjoyed it in spite of the cold.  Plus, that temp of 37 degrees in a grass hut adds to the storytelling possibilities!

The twins went to their first overnight church camp:

And these two thought they might sleep out under the stars in this:

I said no.

I ran-ish the St. Louis Rock-n-Roll half marathon in J's place on a cold Sunday morning.

Oh man was it excruciating.  I haven't really run since the same weekend last year in San Francisco.  And that's a long time not to run but to decide to run 13.  lol.

The following weekend, and nearing the end of October, it was time to go Cub Scout camping.  J and Meiners built an award-winning catapult.

Pookie got new glasses:

Our annual bike trip along the Mississippi turned into a hike when Meiners' bike broke 200 yards into the excursion...but we made the absolute best of it, on the prettiest weekend of the month!

After the hike and a drive through the adorable village of Elsa, we ended up in Grafton - with treats for the kids and treats for the adults - who knew there was a party cove on the Mississippi?  It was just a little bit perfect.

We came home to a busy week of crazy hair days, doctors'  and orthodontist appointments, as well as last minute Halloween costume shopping.

And that brings us to Halloween.  This was our first Halloween at our new house.  The kids were excited to go trick-or treating with the neighbors; of course, the twins went to friends' houses.  It was a successful and fun, albeit cold, night for all.

Here is to the wonderful blessing of a grateful November.
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