Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane :: Random Thoughts

I'm here.

But I'm sleeping in my daytime clothes. The question is: Why?

Is it because I'm too exhausted to change? Because I haven't folded the laundry all week - and I don't feel like climbing down the stairs to sort through 4 baskets of clothes just to find a different t-shirt and shorts?

Does anyone else out there ever choose to sleep in their daytime clothes - just because?

Life is a whirlwind right now. Training for the marathon has all but ceased. Or it has ceased. You'll notice on that fine li'l ticker on the right that we are down to just a few days. Whereas I originally planned to finish strong, my new goal is just to finish. Alive.

The house is nearly packed. How do people do this? Move? I've been a wreck all week. A bigger wreck than normal. I vascillate. We definitely should move. Look at this house ~ we could totally stay! Think of that house ~ it's a dream come true! I'll miss the pool. There's a subdivision pool. I'll miss our friends. You'll make more friends. I'll miss our church. You'll find a new church. How does anybody do this?

Is it 12 years of marriage and the same house? Is it 4 kids? Is it years of thinking I needed all 'the latest?' We are renting 2 storage lockers for all our stuff. Stuff that we evidently don't need, because it can be stored and we can go on living. I have requested It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh from the library - cuz I just don't need to spend money to buy a book. When I have packed 12 boxes full of books I've never read. And because I think it will be interesting to read what he has to say about life. And clutter.

Anyone have any good ideas how to NOT give presents to a 6 year-old on his birthday? Seriously. I'm talking, buy the kid a skateboard (the one thing he desperately wants) and have the family go to a ball game together in lieu of presents. Will anyone be on board? He'll remember that. Another toy in this house ... in another house ... may drive me all the way to insanity. We. don't. need. more. stuff.

And I'm buying corn-fed family raised beef. From my friend's friend who raises backyard chickens. I bought her eggs, too. Well, her chickens' eggs. And my small group is studying The Seven Pillars of Health. I think tomorrow is living food. (Is he going to tell me not to eat beef? Although, it's living, so there you go. Well, it was.) I'm not doing so well on drinking filtered water - I'm living off Icee Mochas. Seriously. Lost 12 pounds after the stomach flu while training for the marathon. I think I've gained it back in fat content this week. But my beef will be organic.

Is God green? I think He might be purple.

We have an accepted contract on a dream house to be built in O'Fallon. Funny story. I went to put $$ down on the lot only to discover that I had to start negotiating a contract. With JT on a plane to Dallas. Second week of 3 full weeks of travel. He said, "Ask for the moon and we'll settle in the stars." So, I asked for it all. Luxury Kitchen. Luxury Master Bedroom. Luxury Master Bath, for that matter. Walk in pantry. Extended Living Room. Fancy Fireplace. Everything. We offered. They countered. We asked for even more stuff. They agreed. In our price range. Everything I asked for. Everything.

I came home and started packing. For five years, I have poured over design shows and magazines and MLS listings and everything. Five years of trying to find a house. And now, I get to stage this one. Pictures were taken this morning. While T lay on the floor with cold symptoms. And Pookie's nose bled for 12 hours. Yes. All day. And Sashi stared at the TV and Meiners went to Sammy's to play. My beloved home will be on the market Friday night. While I am in Nashville, picking up a blinged-up 'Marathon Mom' t-shirt and a coveted '26.2' sticker for my momobile.

Please pray the house sells quickly. Cuz even with everything in storage but for one toy per kid, it's amazing how challenging it is to keep the place clean. If only we could eat somewhere else for Who knows how long.

I'm tired. And I'm sleeping in street clothes tonite.
Thanks for tolerating my choppy update.

God Bless,
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