Monday, July 4, 2011

Proof that I really am making my kids read and do math every day this summer

Sitting here tonite listening to bombs bursting in air out my window in celebration of the 4th of July, I'm more than a little astounded that we've reached this summer milestone already.  I worry and wonder if we're just doing too much - too much 'schedule' and not enough 'free time' this summer  Then I consider what we've scheduled and I take a moment to step back and let myself relax - again.  After-all, what I insist the kids finish each morning is making their beds and brushing their teeth, two pages in their math workbook and a chore (like vacuuming the living room or cleaning out the dish washer).  In the afternoon while Sashi rests for an hour, all the kids are expected to read quietly.  The rest of our days - when the weather is decent - we can be found by the pool - or participating in one of our 'themed days' - depending on the day.  Certainly that can't be all bad.  It certainly does make time fly, though.  And I guess that's why I worry.  Maybe we should be bored and sit around all day.  Would that make me feel like a better mother?  Seriously.  Maybe on this mid-summer night, I need to take a breath, thank God for summer and for time with my kids - even the growing pains we're experiencing this year with maturing personalities - and enjoy it. 

What about you?  Is your summer flying by or are you finding yourself searching for activities to keep everyone out of trouble?
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