Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Red Cross & Target

Hi, Ya'll!

It's a crazy time around here, but I wanted to get the word out on a great opportunity going on over at Target right now. The Target corporation is offering $3 million to 10 worthy organizations as part of their Target Outreach Program - and until May 25th, we get to help decide who receives the money! You have to be a member of Facebook, so if you're not, go now and sign up! Then you can vote here for your favorite charity. (If that doesn't work, you can always friend me and click on my link on Facebook!)

I encourage you to vote for the Red Cross - cuz my mommy told me to. (And I almost always do what I'm told, don't I, Mom?) No, seriously. My mom recently received an award from the Red Cross for the most volunteer hours in a first year of service. Yup! That's my mom! So, of course, she would really like for the Red Cross to win the majority of the monies up for grabs - but who can blame her? It's a great organization and they do TONS of great things for all kinds of people who need help. My mom has gone out with the Red Cross to offer support to victims of floods. She and the Red Cross have refreshed emergency personnel during fires. The stories truly are countless, as is the reach and the need for Red Cross.

Right now, they're behind by 1% in the contest. Won't you consider voting for this worthy cause?
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