Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blogger's Excitement

Hey! I know not all of you who read my blog are by nature 'bloggers.' (Maybe you are but you just don't realize it yet?) You may not, therefore, share my sheer and absolute excitement over some changes I am making around here. However, I recently stumbled upon the notion of creating my own URL ... which, actually I sort of already had. But today, thanks to this tutorial and the help of this super-wonderful stranger (if she's a blogger - and she knows more about computers than me [which isn't saying a ton, unfortunately] - then she's automatically a BFF!), I created my very own naked URL. What that means is all you have to do to find this blog on the web is type "" and VOILA!

Soon, I'll have a special email address that is connected to my blog, as well. Less apt to get stalker mail that way ... not that I get stalker email. It's just something that's always in the back of my mind!

I'm also super happy that this also-tech-savvy gal posted her tutorial on super-cool blog banners! The last banner I made took me an entire night to research, try, make errors, and by the utter grace of God post at long last. Tonite, I did the same thing in less than 15 minutes! HELLO! So much more 'other stuff' I can get accomplished now! (like laundry, listening to my husband when he talks to me --- without merely the obligatory head nods and the 'that's nice, honeys!' while my head is stuck under the hood of my computer...).

That's that, then. I ponder sometimes what I'm doing to make sure my brain cells aren't idly sitting up there turning into jelly. Today, at least, I taught those itty bits of micro-me's a thing or two about computers. And I'm thrilled!
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