Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Disappointed House Hunter

I answered the phone early this morning to the sound of JT's voice. Our conversation was brief but full of assurances that we were both indeed fine. We didn't get the house - either our offer was beat out or the bank didn't think it was enough. Either way, we stay where we are.

It wouldn't be honest to tell you I'm not sad. My heart ached this morning more than I wanted it to hurt. I didn't make time to shed any tears, but I think I could have. It wouldn't have mattered. Overwhelmingly beyond the grief of the dream extinguished is the reality that our family has been covered in His cloak of pure blessings. My only prayer throughout the process of trying to buy this other home - all 8 months of it now - was that God would do what was best for our family. I prayed the same prayer earnestly day after day.

Today I rest assured that this remains where we are meant to be. This is home.


Check back later this week for a view of Pookie's slick giraffe-print city jacket (I have two seams left to sew and 6 buttons to add - and I'm DONE! Instant Giraffe Diva!) and some ways I've found to decorate on a budget!
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