Friday, December 3, 2010

Seriously Creative

Several weeks ago, the twins came home announcing this year's Creative Challenge at their school: Gingerbread Houses.  Their art teacher encourages her students each year to an extra credit project.  One year, students painted chairs, one time there was a robot theme, last year it was an Egyptian contest, and this year she chose gingerbread houses. 

It's interesting how my two firstborn children differ.  One child came home and drew up his elaborate design on paper.  A skyscraper.  With numerous floors.  And windows you can look into to see scenes of Christmas.  


The other?  She went off to the library and came home with a pile of books about gingerbread houses, complete with recipes and ideas to follow and to adjust to her liking.  She began encouraging me to help her start her project immediately.  And by encourage I mean relentlessly badger.

I didn't hear from him for weeks.

She made pastillage penguins from scratch and a gingerbread dome and three batches of frosting.

He didn't say a word.

She put together an igloo with hula dancing penguins, a dolphin swimming in a pool under a palm tree replete with Christmas lights, a glowing fire and snowman melting inside.

And T?  He put together a skyscraper.  With numerous floors.  And windows looking in on a living room (complete with Dan Dunn's Ray Charles painting) and a disco room.

You can just see the disco ball dagling from the ceiling

I marvel at them both.

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