Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Double Digits

Some kids we know celebrated a pretty significant birthday yesterday.

The twins turned 10.  It really does seem hard to believe.  10 years.  {pause}  "It goes too quickly," quotes the elderly woman in the checkout lane.  We all know it's true.

One of my little people - who isn't little, cuz, you know, he's like 10 now - desperately wanted this day to be something special.  I get that.  I truly wanted to give him that special day, as well.

So I spent four hours Sunday night blowing up balloons (which I threw all over their beds and floor to their rooms while they slept as well as taping them to the door frames) and baracading their doorways:

We took them to breakfast - SURPRISE!  Bread Co.  And then let them open the cards that had piled up over the last week and the presents from Dad and me.

The rest of the day we put them to work.  Did you know when you're 10 you're old enough to pick up the dog doo in the backyard?  True story.

Never fear, however.  It was all in the name of party.  And some of the work was fun.  See?

She did a such great job.  I love that {almost all} my kids love to bake with me!

[And I love that my friends help me eat leftover cupcakes when the two children born of my womb at the same moment (or no more than 1 minute apart, anyway) have such differing personalities as to insist on two separate kinds of cake.  And frosting.  {...who am I kidding?  Twice the Y.U.M.!!!}]

The real fun began at 4:00 when the family began arriving.  Presents presents presents!  That's what matters when you're turning 10, really.  So we didn't wait long before we let them start tearing into their gifts!  {They'd earned it with those smelly backyard bags, anyway!}

Before it grew too late in the day, we gathered on the porch for the obligatory, annual family photo:

These kids are pretty darn fortunate to have some very awesome grandparents!

And then it was time to sing and eat cake.

At the end of the night, Tommy grabbed me in a spontaneous and genuine bear hug.  He said, "Mom?  This was the best birthday ever."

I had to smile and agree.
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