Thursday, August 25, 2011

Katelyn's Camera

Immaculate Thursday brought us into Pookie's closet near the end of summer break.  And look what I found!  Stuffed under a box of unmentionables (because they were unidentifiable odds and ends of toy gadgetry) was this beloved gem:

Last year, after visiting the St. Louis Zoo and becoming a sea lion trainer for a day, Pookie came home and transformed her room into a show stage.  She trained stuffed animal sea lions on paper rocks with a doll audience and her sister as her assistant.  Then, she made this camera out of cardstock and drew images on a paper roll of film of all the things she had seen and done while at the zoo:

She thread the filmstrip through a hole in the back of the camera, so she could "see" the image as she snapped each photo.

I hated to lose the memory of this first camera.

These days, Pookie can just as often be seen doing this as I am:

And I just have to tell you, I think she is a great young photographer!

Not a fan of reptiles?  How about big fish?

Or posing ducks?

OK, gorgeous flora?

Regardless, I love them all!  (And believe me, she takes a million of them!  She loves it!)  But my favorite is this one ~ because there aren't many photos that exist of me since I'm usually the one behind the camera.  Plus, with just one of my kids and with his meatball expression.  Love. Love. Love.  I'm so grateful that my Pookie loves taking photos just as much as I do!

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