Monday, August 15, 2011

The Paperchain Doesn't Lie.

And it has two rings left.

Two days.

Until school starts again.

Holy cow.  How did that happen?

In these last few days, we've visited the arch at sunset, the zoo for early morning stingray feedings, the Magic House for mayhem with friends, and church for spiritual refreshment.  The final two days we'll be heading to Krispy Kreme, spending hours and hours in front of the TV watching the Disney channel, and playing video games until our eyes go blurry before that first bell rings Wednesday morning.

Here's to the last hours of summer freedom.  Here's to another amazing summer spent with my four most favorite people in the world.  Here's to living a beautiful life.

And here's to not running in circles with too much on our plate like my little friend the ant up there. Poor thing.

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