Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Photo Friday

My friend Frizzy used to do a series called Five Fab Photos or Five Photo Friday or something close to that ...

Anyway, it's a great idea and I have decided to reincarnate it.

Here are a few (OK, five) of my favorite recent photos:

These two are such good brothers.  They drive me a little batty with their sword fights and Pokemon talk, but I adore that they can be so different and yet still be such good friends.  I make them promise that, no matter what ever happens to me, they will stay friends.  Love those two.

Pookie is such a talented kid.  She and her best {heart} friend are planning their skit for summer heart camp already, and these characters are their puppets. (I think this one is Kathie.)  I am ever-amazed that Pooks can take something so mundane as a box full of scrap paper shards and glue it into something so cute and clever!  (The belt is my favorite part!)

This one's a favorite from spring break a few weeks ago.  I'm going to enlarge and frame it for over the fireplace.  That's the St. Louis Art Museum in the background in Forest Park.

She sure loves her daddy.  And he adores her.  Enough to let her do this to him:

LOL!  Sashi's a little hairdresser, I tell you.  She loves to sit on the back of the couch and give me a 'hairdo!'  (Usually with fewer hairbows than she gave Dad during this salon day, though, honestly!) 

There you have it!  Some of my favorite photos from the last few weeks!
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