Monday, June 4, 2012

Frog Blog

The weather warmed up earlier than ever here this spring.  Combine that with a pool liner and a few friendly frogs and you end up with tadpoles.  Lots and lots of tadpoles.

Thousands of tadpoles.

Early in May, there were enough little swimmers in the water topping our pool that when you walked up to the edge a black curtain receded into the deeper waters.

Until the duck came. 

He swam around for a couple of hours.  Then when you walked to the edge, well, you only saw the bottom of the water.  We were pretty sure he was one stuffed duck.

May 31st we opened the pool.  But not before finding tadpoles ... hundreds and hundreds of tadpoles in varying stages of development.  The kids began a valiant rescue effort.

They dredged the liner for hours.  And when they were done and the liner removed, they swam in the old pool water to rescue the escapees.

To date we have given away 52 tadpoles for friends to watch them grow.  (You feed them spinach, you know.) 

We have released 36 frogs. 

And we watch and wait on about 300 more.

How many tadpoles do you think we'll have next year?

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