Friday, October 31, 2014

31 Days of Writing and Why It Won't Work for Me

I'm too busy!

I wake up at 4:30 in the morning to work out.  Even when I decide it is just not a morning I am going to get out of bed hours before sunrise, I still wake up.  Every day.  {That kinda stinks for someone who spent 39 years of her life as a night owl.}

I worked almost every day in October.  Judge me as you will, but I still have not adjusted to this whole "working mom" gig.  Clothes go unfolded.  For weeks.  Floors aren't vacuumed.  Despite my yelling.  Dinner is pizza.  Again.  And again.  And again.

And again.

I think I used to blog during nap time.  Oh how I loved nap time.  Or I blogged late at night, whereas now, I am headed for bed at the same time as the kids cuz 4:30 comes VERY early if my eyes aren't dark by 9:30.

It's a good life.  It's a good busy.  It's passing too fast and I want it to slow down, I will it to do so.  The reality is, though, that every time I brainstorm ways to cut the extracurriculars or see myself serving pizza.  Again.  I see value in the things that we are doing that are making us busy.

So there was one day of blogging in 31 days of October (two if you count today).  I guess that's a good place to start.

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