Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 6th


Diana is on vacation, so Kids Day Out is insane.  Those kids need a little Diana-style "don't take prisoners but follow the rules people" kind of leadership.  Kisses don't get wet paint paper pumpkins to dry before 1:00 and little ones to stop sobbing over a transition to chapel that makes a twin echo the sentiment.  Even though he separated so beautifully from his momma right out the gate this morning.

I am not proud, but it was a Margarita Monday.

After work of course.

Praise God for healed tummies.  And progress with 2 year-olds, even if it ends up being two steps back.  And naps in the car during musical theatre, a husband who baked the go-to last minute pizza meal, and early bedtimes.
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