Friday, May 9, 2008

Little Birdies

I haven't been crafty for a while - I think I o.d.'d on it with the shower. But, 'tis that time again. To clean up the stamp room to make room for the mess I make in order to stamp these:

some images above and below copyright Stampin' Up!

Here's my latest nest and birdie. He found a special spot in The Pretty Bathroom, as you can see. The Eldest Hostile made a point to pull me into the bathroom to tell me how pretty his bathroom is now with the new guest. And his twin sister asked why I hadn't posted it on the blog. So. There ya go, Little Mama. I put him on here for you! Thanks, to my mom, for the thoughtful gift!

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I'll post before/after pictures of our stunning new front door!


~The Roost'er

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