Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saying Good Bye

Tomorrow is my little buddy's last day of school. His preschool teacher, Miss Nikki, has taught each one of my kids now over the last three years. And her aide, Miss Kristen. We've been working diligently to make their year-end gifts. (It's not easy helping a four year old make and sew a bow, stamp in a straight line...or even be interested in performing said activities for more than one occurrence, but we got it done!)

Here's the final product. He even helped with the packaging. (And yes, those initials are wrong - because really those are the bows of a pair of 6 year-olds. But I wasn't rewrapping just for the sake of a picture. You get the idea.)

I'm not good with change. For the most part, I insist upon keeping things the same. I'll miss seeing my bus buddy every day (Hey, Kara!) and chatting in all kinds of weather for an hour after the bus drives off with the kids. Next year, BiG Change - Full Day.

But, I'm not all sad this year. I'll be glad not to have to rush the kids through lunch anymore. Not to frantically search for clean socks or their shoes, or where is your library book, where is your backpack, oops, I forgot your snack again, I SAID GET YOUR SHOES ON!

I'm looking forward to this summer. To swimming. And day camps and camping trips. And board games and biking, and reading and worksheets to keep us smart. And all the fun that summer brings.

So, before all that, we say our good-byes. It's been a good year. But, I'm looking forward this time. Lots of great things ahead.

Thanks, Teachers. See you in 104 days.

~The Roost'er

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