Friday, May 23, 2008

I love to bake

"I love to bake! Strudels, scones, even apple pandowdy!
Someday I hope to make the perfect creme brulee!"

Zeke, from High School Musical, is my bosom buddy.

Well, all except for the Jock part.

Did you know that about me?

I love to bake.
I'm pretty good at muffins and muffies.

I love to bake cookies.

I bake the best carrot cakes. (Right, Tom?)

I'm really quite good at making cupcakes.

Remember these?

And my baking days are over. I'm not kidding. After the month of May and all these birthday parties (Seriously? Three of them for the four year-old). We're going camping for The Baby's first. I'm on Baking Vacation.


Do you think I can get out of cooking, too?
~The Roost'er

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