Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Baby Shower

Ah. A sweet cup of vino and a few hours to refresh the soul. What every aspiring party planner requires after a full day's work. That and the four kids off to bed before the sun set. We're not ... um, selfish parents, are we?

I will share a few of my favorites from today for fun and inspiration. It was a great day, and I enjoyed each moment. I believe SIL did, too. Here's the rundown, as organized as my disorganized brain can take.


The daisies were gorgeous. And behind every photo is a story. I won't go into the one about the daisies (because there's one there, too), but instead, the baby photos on the tray. I requested baby photos from the two grand-moms before the shower. I had a plan for them. Then, as with many of my plans, I changed my mind (a few times) and at the last minute, sped all over town looking for frames that coordinated - with broad white mats. I found 3, perfect for this:

and these:

The remainder of the baby pictures went onto trays around the house. And how fun was it listening to stories related to those baby pictures as we all browsed through them! Like the time my hubby threw sand in BIL's eyes (baby with eye patch) or the time BIL 'fell' from the toilet seat and sported a head suture reminiscent of M.A.S.H. 4077 (I still wonder if Hubby was responsible for that one, too).

Another favorite: The Poop Game (THANKS, Kara!) Here's My Big Girl sporting her princess gloves, a silver tray (we haven't returned to the neighbor's after they brought us Easter cupcakes...please don't tell), and, yes, a diaper with ... a mushed up candy bar in it! Guests had to guess what the candy bar was.

If you like that photo, what about this one. Of the paternal grand-mom allowing the maternal grand-mom to smell the 'dirty diaper.' Too Funny!!

Here's my mom enjoying the Occupational Therapy Baby Game (from my days of being a Speech Path at That Pediatric Hospital around here). Inside the onesies stuffed with tissue paper are about 16 useful baby items. Using their fine tactile senses, the guests guessed what those items were. SIL won that one. Think she's ready to have that baby?

The Mint Master

When a winner was decided, they were the lucky recipients of these crafty items:

and this:

And SIL received these notecards:

This t-shirt:

(SIL's a Chiropractor...Get it? Get it?? Doctor heal thy pregnant-back self. Or something like that.)

And, of course, this bling in purple.

Oh! More favorites! See, my disorganized mind became a little sidetracked there. Although it makes perfect sense to follow 'games' with 'prizes,' but then, how does one transition back to this:

Ain't he the cutest little thing?? That diaper cake is made with cotton diapers from this local business. I like how SIL put it. She is 'eco-friendly.' I call her Mother Earth. Hopefully that's not offensive. Remember? Free range chickens. God love 'er. Hey - I actually love this cotton diaper idea. I think Mint Master said we could line all the world's dirty diapers up and round the earth 9 times at the equator?? Now, that's just gross. Even I, Anti-Green, can agree with that! But, I'm not changin' now. I will support those who do, however. Like Mother Earth. She is a good egg. I made her a cotton diaper diaper cake. That has to count for something. (at least 35,668.845 miles of diapers - that's about half the number of times those dirty diapers make it around the world. I figure my four kids account for about that many.)

More favorites: (Or maybe now it's 'cute I ideas I thought about and thought about and thought about and then sent Mint Master out to buy at the absolute last minute that Michael's was open but who's telling' section:)

That duck was made by hand, People. When Baby M+S arrives, I plan to take her picture (we don't know it's a her for sure, but I know for sure) and replace Duckie with Baby's photo. I think it makes a neat keepsake that a little girl would pour over and grow up to cherish. 'The celebratory wishes Mom's friends and family showered upon her when I was being born.' I know My Girlie-Girl would love something like that. What girl wouldn't?

And remember these?

They went with these cookie boxes:

Have you ever tried to bake 4 batches of cookies and 2 batches of cupcakes in the 3 hours your twins were at Kindergarten? Me either. Successfully, anyway.

And because I coordinate just this well, the table settings were tied up with ribbons and bows that matched the diaper cake that matched the cookie boxes that matched the water bottles that matched the...:

Don't you just love that Southern Living silverware caddy??

The sweet daisy cupcakes:

And the sweet Baby Mama.

Mother Earth


~The Roost'er

P.S. Stay tuned this week for News from the Nashville Marathon!

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