Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Financial Freedom

Tonite, I share with you my Life Changing Event #3. My husband asked me to listen to this book on tape just after I'd asked for this camera for Christmas. Granted, the camera would have cost us the price of a small car in India (see how the small print says price is for camera body only?), but I wanted it (plus at least two lenses to go with it...). I believed that it would cause me to take better pictures. Beautiful, wonderful, artistic and amazing pictures. Backed in 14ct. gold. Certainly. For the cost of that camera. Keep in mind, I'd still love that camera. It's beautiful. It's wonderful. It's even artistic. And amazing. And I would look all of those things, too, carrying that baby in my hands while I set this baby down:

cuz the camera's too bulky to carry her and the camera and I have my priorities. So, instead, I opted to to upgrade to this sweet little number. Now, I can take cute pictures with a cute (pink) camera and hold that pink cutie in my hands, too.

Oh, and we're gazelle intense in our efforts to snowball our debt. Check out the book to understand what I'm saying. Believe me. It will change your life.

See you after Nashville.
~The Roost'er
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