Monday, April 21, 2008

Life Changing Moment #2

So, maybe this week I'll talk to you about recent events that have impacted my life in remarkably positive ways. Yesterday, I spoke of the book Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. When you go to the authors' blog, there is a well-written critique that describes the book better than I can. You might check it out for further insight.

Today, however, I'll tell you a little story about this house:

(This is a photo I took of a photo I taped into my Daily Photo Journal - you'll see the carriage-style garage doors we were installing that I had 'drawn' onto the picture *smile*)

This is the house we dreamed of buying. We would have moved in several weeks ago if this had panned out the way we'd hoped. But, through the whole process, we prayed that God's will would be done. And boy did He shut the door on that one. In retrospect, we can see that God did the only thing He could to keep us from selling the farm (we don't really have a farm), promising our first born, and giving up on our Dave Ramsey financial plan to own that house. It was the greatest house. The kitchen was easily 2/3rds the entire size of this house. I just kept imagining the basketball team from High School Musical playing catch in that kitchen and still having room to not break my grandmother's china tea cup collection.

But, one night, as I ran a few miles to prepare for our up-coming half-marathon (another story later this week), I conversed with the Holy Spirit in my head. And He told me I had to get this house in order before I could move to that house. And I knew in my heart what that meant. There's a lot to 'this house' that He was referring to. One, I wrote about yesterday. Another, led me to this website.

So, I am trying to FLY. And, as I've shown you in previous posts, it's not always easy. In fact, it's easier to sit on my bum at night than to throw in yet another load of laundry. Let alone fold the one that I dried this morning. Are you kidding? Sure. It's easy to be lazy. And it's even easier to fall behind and hear the thoughts of doubt nagging at me in my head. I'll never get it all together. I can't do it. I can't. I...can. Turn those thoughts into the positive. Because this is my house. And this is my job. And this I can do. Maybe not perfectly. But nobody is asking for perfect. They are just asking for socks. And clean underwear. And to be able to see the kitchen counter.

In fact, my husband was gone all last week. And I had teacher appreciation activities for 40 wonderful ladies every day. And a baby shower. And this was my kitchen. All week.

Praise God. For TheFlyLady. And life changing moments. And answered prayer - that God's will would be done. Because that wasn't our house. He already has one in mind for us. Just not yet.


~The Roost'er

Oh yeah. There has to be a P.S. here. Never you mind what the rest of my house looked like last week. My sink was shiny and so were those counters (most of the time!) Just don't get a look at my craft area. Not even today. Baby Steps, People. I'm just learning to FLY. I'm a gosseling. Not the full blown goose yet!

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