Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My First Post

I kid you not - I have written the following no less than 3 times. And I need to go to bed. But, here it goes again (because I am just that persevering). Or not.

So, I have been stalking my fair share of blogs for some time now and thought to myself, "Golly," (yes, really 'golly') "that seems like it might be fun." I am well aware that blogging has its downsides - like lack of anonimity. Or time-consuming addictiveness. But, as I tried to comment at about her beautiful house, I was solicited to start my own blog and I thought, "Golly," (yes, 'golly') "why not??" And the rest, as they say (may be) history.

Why not today, the day my youngest son wore underwear on his head and nearly visited his cardiologist in his birthday suit (we are working on him [my son, not the cardiologist] - all of them - responding the first time asked to do something --- like when getting dressed!), we were hit-and-run (JERK) while at the hospital, my husband is off visiting his BFF from grade school half-way across the country, and I've enjoyed (at least) one margarita --- why not??

Here's my pic (golly, I feel all here!!!

So, enjoy. And maybe there will be other posts. And maybe not. Because I have to set priorities. And sometimes, that actually includes washing the Wiggles Undies (before they wear them...)

The Roost'er
(yes, that's imitated from .)
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