Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crafting Abounds

It's been a goal of mine for about 6 months to create an outlet for friends, family, customers to view some of my creations for fun or for sale. Now that I am all official and have created this blog, I'm ready to share some of those creative tendencies. Although I am inspired in interior design by The Nester, and photography by The Pioneer Woman ,I can actually be somewhat artistic on my own (or with the help of Splitcoast, Papercrafts, SU! catalogs...). Here are a few of my latest creations. Enjoy :)

This one is my pride and joy - combining Wild About You with my all-time favorite set, All in the Family. The vines are, I think from Monkey Business?? I have a fabulous frame for it from Hobby Lobby that has a shadow-box look to it, so none of those awesome layers get smooshed! Yay!

And hey, guys, let's keep it real, here. The above stamp images are copyright Stampin' Up!

Here's another I recently put together by request:

the words under his name are a quote from the original birth announcement that read:

The child must know that he is a miracle,

that since the beginning of the world there has not been

and until the end of the world there will not be,

another child like him.

This one is a fun little frill for my SIL's shower - my MIL lives an hour from us and always sends us on our way with bottles of water for the trip home. I'm taking her cue and handing out dec'd out bottles for the shower attendees, complete with a variety of those sweet little 'To Go' flavor-thingies in a metal bucket beside the metal bucket holding the cold water. The ducky (the sales lady at The Inkspot called it a chicken, but I'm suing my imagination here, since I'm going ducky {I mean using my imagination - how do you sue your imagination?? Major Typo} ). The duck/daisy combo image (SCORE!) is an Elzybells stamp, along with SU!s Noteworthy 'baby' and those cool MEGA Marvy Punches! There'll be an extra bow/band around the middle there, plus matching cookie boxes on the day of the event, but here's just a pre-ready preview!
My inspiration for the table at the shower comes from this photo from Home & Heart magazine ...

...except with the color purple, daisies, a few ducks, some nests ala my fave, The Nester...my SIL is a different bird than I. She won't have a toy room that ever looks like this:

or a workspace that looks like this:

And yes, I am at least slightly embarrassed to put these out there, but hey - I'm keepin' it real, plus, I'm trying to FLY, and it's a process I'm telling you - I'm constantly under construction.

My SIL doesn't partake in the land of excess, as I tend to do. She is planning to use cloth diapers. She eats eggs from free range chickens (and knows what that means). And I'm learning that I can learn a lot from her. As she begins the path of motherhood, I hope we can become better friends. And, in the end, learn from each other. Because I have discovered that this thing called Motherhood. This beast, this blessing, this path...it's not meant to be traveled alone. Shucks; that's why I have the internet.


The Roost'er

P.S. If you came here looking for the cutie-patootie footage of Baby S crawling for the first time, that requires a computer literate person to upload onto Blogger, and, as we all know, I am computer illiterate.

God Bles end Gud Nite.

(illiterate, I tell you)

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