Monday, April 28, 2008

Broken Hearted

Today. My heart breaks. For our dear friends, Wendy and Sean, who lost their sweet 5 year-old Emma suddenly yesterday morning. They are heart friends. And this weekend is the Heart Walk. I scanned pictures of our previous Heart Walks with Emma with the beautiful black curly hair and huge grin. And I found this photo. Not of Emma. But of a tree in the park where we walk. And it reminds me of God. How He thinks of me. Of us. Too many thoughts to count. And He has already begun responding to our prayers.

God's love is immeasurable. May He hold Wendy and Sean in His arms. And if you didn't know, heart disease/defect affects the lives of more children than the top 3 other most common health concerns combined. Please support the American Heart Association. And pediatric research.
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