Sunday, April 27, 2008

Success setting a goal and accomplishing that goal.

The goal of running the Country Music Half-Marathon in Nashville was not met without Grace surrounding trials. For instance, I questioned JT3 more than once the night before the race to check his 'alarm clock.' It didn't ring. Luckily, he was prompted out of bed at 4:45. Let's call it Providence.

Then, there was the issue of traffic:

I apologize now to all the runners and innocent by-standers we passed and possibly cut-off on Hwy 24 in our efforts to arrive on time. (Sorry we laughed so hard when God prompted that poor girl to hesitate while looking down at her map. May she be granted extra blessings for the Grace she afforded us...and that spot in line in front of her car.)

Note the rain:

And here are the kajillions of racers that also made it on time:

There goes my MIL. She's smokin' us. Keep in mind. We ran more than half the time. She walked the whole way and finished 5 minutes before me. That woman can walk! (This is her 6th 13.1...)

This is for The Office fans out there:

Would you make your bridesmaids do this with you in prep of your big day???

You can't see it, but those white-tee'd girls are carrying a bouquet of flowers a piece!

And here's to the Southern Gentleman toasting us at 8:00AM on his front lawn with his iced champagne:

And THANK YOU to JT3's ever-hospitable aunt and uncle for providing us with comfy food and shelter before and after the run. Here are a few of the absolutely beautiful and memorable scenes we were blessed to share over the weekend at their gorgeous, historical home:

Here's to Family,

~The Roost'er

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