Saturday, April 12, 2008

My God, My King

I had been 'saving' this post until Sunday. I don't know why. Write the 'Sunday stuff' on Sunday, right? I mean, that's how we save up our time with God - right - for Sundays? I have had several things on my mind to write about, and one is a sermon Pastor John shared with us when we were brand new homeowners. Looking for a place to call our church home.

The question was:

What Watt Christian are you? 40 Watt? 60 Watt? 100 Watt? The comparison was made to our lives as Christians. Do we attend church on Holidays? (We know which ones!) = 40 Watts. Or maybe Holidays and Sundays - even every Sunday = 70 Watts. Or, do you truly live a God-centered, 100 Watt life?

Four years after we started attending our church, we welcomed twins into the world. WOW! What a miracle. What an amazing blessing God had given us! And then, four days later, we discovered that our baby girl was born with a life threatening heart condition. It required surgery. It required pain and suffering - honestly, for us and the baby. We chose to follow God. He promised in the Bible that life would bring us trials and trouble. But He brings us life.

God doesn't bring us the trials and the trouble. Some people may be inclined to jump on the lie-wagon that God makes the bad stuff happen. I believe He may allow it to happen. And if we choose to follow Him through it, He can make good come from it.

If you've ever seen this video, then you've seen one of my favorite videos of all time. It's about 12 minutes long, and it's one of those life-changing experiences that overwhelms your heart. If we would do absolutely anything for our kids, then consider what Our Father would do for us, His kids.

Six and a-half years later, our baby is growing up. And tonite after light's out, she called me back into her bedroom. I assumed it was for one last hug. A cup of water. Any excuse not to sleep. Instead, I found her crying softly on her pillow. She looked up and asked, "Why do we have to die? Why can't Heaven be on Earth?"

She has survived six open heart surgeries. She even has a little brother who has survived one. She plans to take him to Heart Camp with her next year, and they can't wait.

It's been raining here. A nonstop kind of rain. It reminds me of this song. (And believe me, you want to see the end of it. If you've ever experienced the rain. Like this family. And this one.)

God Bless you. On this Saturday. Because God's there every day. Are you?
The Roost'er

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