Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Another Day... be Matt. In all his creativity. And to 'practice football!' Today Matt begged me to play football with him. And then he decided it would be a great idea to turn his 'chucky warms' box(a.k.a. Lucky Charms to the rest of us)/guitar into a football helmet. 'Why not,' I thought. Here he is. He quickly learned to put his nose inside the box to prevent bruising when Mommy couldn't throw the ball too well (which happens more often than not). And boy can that kid throw. All last summer he perfected his 'pitcher's throw.' Now he's a veritable Peyton Manning. Football. Re: baseball, he thinks he's Albert Pujols. With blonde hair. And as a pitcher. Not as first baseman.

Daddy is home from sunny southern Cal. And having some crazy fun with the kids. They need it after all this RAIN and indoor time reading quietly by candlelight and singing hymns with Mommy. You know, cuz I'm just not this fun:

Even Riley thinks it might be fun to be hung upside down by his ... um, tail ... and swung like a pendulum by Daddy! But, he'll have to wait in line:

And yee, Dawgies, that boy ain't light.
Take it easy!
The Roost'er
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