Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meiners' Christmas Stories

So the festivities are about half completed at No.6 Cottage. We'll celebrate at my mom's house on Tuesday. But before then, I thought I would share the news about the death of our shelf elf. And a funny story.

Last Friday night, Elfie returned from the North Pole and landed atop the living room ceiling fan. It was pretty cool to see him perched there when we all woke Saturday morning.

Li'l Meiners thought it would be even cooler to see what would happen if the fan blades began to spin. Would he fly? Could he land? He turned on the fan to see.

I wasn't in the room when all this experimentation transpired. But I saw the remains. Poor Elfie. Were it not bad enough that he face planted into our Friese carpet, but only minutes after his failed landing attempt, Elfie accidentally got kicked across the floor when Meiners was sent on an errand to open the front curtains in the room. You know, of course, that you can't touch the shelf elf.

Elfie didn't come back for two days.


Yesterday, Pookie received a pony for Christmas. No, not a real pony. Just a really big one.

Meiners received Duck Tape. Truly, a perfect gift for him.

When discussing how we would transport Pookie's equine home, Meiners piped up, "I know how we could get the horse home, guys. We could just Duck Tape him to the van."

That was certainly one option.

We did opt for Grandpa to drive him down today, instead.

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