Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Teacher Gift 2009

I do always like to give the kids' teachers something unique at Christmastime. Last year I think it was origami boxes filled with homemade truffles and, for the dog-lover, homemade dog treats (which may have grown moldy by the time she opened the gift - ours did - but i digress). I also insist that the kids be involved. Not in just picking the project, but also in doing the project.

So without further adieu, let me introduce to you Teacher Gift 2009:
:: The Santa Purse ::
This one is not entirely finished, obviously. It is the prototype for Aunt Sharon to use to monogram the teachers' initials there in the lower right hand corner. It's all in the family with these handmade presents! --- Thank you again Sharon!!! I'm noticing I'm not thrilled with how much it actually looks like Santa's pack here...perhaps a little on the too tall side. We'll scale it down, I think.

Since my mom and I monkeyed around with my Santa purse to design our own pattern, later this month I'll show you how to make the bags. And hopefully show you the actual finished project. Ya'll know how that goes around here sometimes. Stay tuned!
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