Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running Scared: Part Deu

Fast Forward to today. Since I busted up my foot 3 years ago, I have 3 1/2 real half marathons under my belt - you know, the ones you actually DO prepare for and DON'T break your foot to avoid ... oh, and "1/2" cuz you all remember Hurricane Ike and his terrible timing.

Today I'm training for my first full marathon (although I'm typing this instead of heading out to run ... ). In fact, two Saturdays ago, BigDaddy and I went downtown to Forest Park and planned to run a 12 mile loop (two laps around the VERY hilly park) - and ended up running 13miles. Can I say on national blog land that I kicked his butt? (I can cuz it so rarely happens!) And then we came home and I about died.

My. Hips. Hurt.

Remember that part of yesterday's story? You know - the pain I felt before I busted my foot? Hip pain.

So the Saturday we basically ran a half marathon through Forest Park, I came home to excrutiating hip pain which I have had to deal with since that first major walk all those years ago now. But usually I just deal with it.

Two weeks ago Saturday, it became worse. And worse. And worse. Until Thursday night when I 'ran' an errand through a store and could. barely. walk.

We're talking I pushed a walker I mean cart and hobbled my way through like a woman 200 years my senior.

Friday night, BigDaddy came home from his business trip to a physically disabled wife. He tossed a Runner's World magazine on my lap and told me to read the article about hips. Much to his dismay, I did read the article. And it told me that the pain I was feeling was likely attributed to Femoral Acetabular Impingement - or the ball of the hip joint not fitting into the socket (I've often described the pain as being within the actual hip joint itself. Any chiropractic exercises I've been recommended in the past never seemed to get deep enough into the area to relieve the issue). This grinding tears the cartilage lining the socket. Thus, the Pain.

Recommended Treatment, according to the Runner's World magazine?

Two months of Physical Therapy.
Or surgery.

to be continued one more day...

(don't you love that?)

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