Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Running Skeered: Part C

OK, anyone else tired of the parts?

Here's the conclusion:
Cried myself to sleep Friday with fear in my heart. The plan was to run 8-10 on Saturday morning. How was I going to do that? What was I doing to myself - to my body? What if I had to have surgery and therapy and ... and ...

Before bed, I loaded up the Wii Fit and completed a few Yoga sequences. Me and Yoga. That makes me smirk. I am so not a Yoga girl. But desperate times call for, apparently, desperate measures (not that I have anything against anyone who IS a Yoga girl; I, myself, however, would not describe me as one...). I also iced my hip, stretched it - a LOT - and fell asleep praying. Praying that God would heal the pain and help me run one marathon. That's all.

Saturday morning I woke up.

Pain free.

I ran 8 difficult miles Saturday morning.
(Mental fortitude and attitude are vital to a successful running goal.
Fear = High Likelihood of Failure.)

So, the moral of the story?

And do Yoga.
And Pray some more - with a bag of frozen peas in your lap.

The End.
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