Thursday, May 6, 2010

What My Husband Doesn't Know

I'm pretty certain I have to be careful with a title like that. Some days, I just look around at what I am doing and ponder, if he only knew. I imagine there are moments in his day that he looks around his office, or out at his employees, or during that intense phone call, or the reeming from the boss...he probably thinks the same thing. If she only knew what I go through for her.

But, since this is my blog, I get to tell the stories here.

Recently, while JT was away on a business trip, I worked from sun up to sun down and well into the night - until 2AM, actually. Before I had even taken a shower, I snapped a photo of the pets for the kids' Be Kind to Animals Week at school and printed 3 copies. I baked my first of two cakes. And helped Pookie finish coloring her Art Contest poster for the Be Kind to Animals thing. Then fed and rushed the two big kids off to school.

Between the hours of 9AM and noon, I drove to, unbelted two children, entered and exited, belted two kids, and drove on to 6 different stores. There were 8 on my original list, but I shaved two off with lucky shopping. That left time to drive through Bread Co AND McDonald's before making it back to the bus stop right on time.

When speed shopping in this way, I love to set a plan. I make my list of stores and necessary items. Then, I try to travel in a circle, hitting stores close to home in one direction, all the way around to the furthest, then back from the opposite direction. Saves gas. Saves sanity. But this day was remarkable. It was a record breaker.

Tuesday, I needed root killer for the drains from True Value. I needed to deposit money at the bank. I bought cake plates from Hobby Lobby. I stopped for black poster boards from WalMart. I skipped Costco but stopped in at the kids' old preschool to retrieve my registration fee for Sasha. I picked up photos from Walgreens.

When we returned home from dropping Meiners at the PM Kindergarten bus stop, my Backyard Chickens friend brought me a quarter side of beef. I came inside and rearranged Pookie's science fair project onto the regulation-sized poster board. Just as I finished, I realized it was time to pick her up early from school to visit the cardiologist. I woke Sara from the nap she had finally given in to, and took Pooks to the doctor.

The cardiologist appointment lasted longer than anticipated. Everything was the same as last time. For now, that is actually good news. There wasn't enough time to take Pookie's science fair project out to Queeny Park before I'd promised to get the boys from their friend's, so we ran home to pick up the boys. I splurged and bought everyone dinner at Steak 'n Shake to go. We arrived back at the park just in time to set up Pookie's poster and peruse a few more. We drove home. Skipped baths. I handed out vitamins and medicines. Got all the kids to bed. I finished the school's photo boards, baked another cake for the next day's Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Frosted both with homemade buttercream frostings, whipped cream filling inside the chocolate one.

At 2:00 in the morning, I flushed root killer down the toilet. At 2:05, I crawled into bed. I considered the events of the day. Marveled at how lucky I am to mother these four. And fell fast asleep. At least, until 6AM.
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