Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The Elf on the Shelf.

Do you have one?  Ours arrived two years ago now.  He's helping make some super family Christmas memories, letmejustellyou!

There was the time when Matt tried to see if Elfie could fly.  Elfie had landed for the day on the ceiling fan.  Matt turned the fan on.  Elfie flew.  Sort of.  He landed - upside down on the floor.  Matt howled.  Then as he ran to get someone to help, he accidentally kicked Eflie across the floor.

Ouch.  That looks like it hurt.

Elfie didn't come back for a couple of days.  Dad had to call Santa directly to put in a good word.

This year, everyone is as infatuated with the whereabouts of Elfie as ever.  Let me assure you, many a fight has broken out in order to hold the honorable title of being 'first to find Elfie.'  Lately, Sara has even taken to waking in the weeeeeeeeeeeee hours of the morning to go on her little 4 year-old self's 4AM Elfie Hunt.  One morning with sheer panic in her voice she woke me to tell me she couldn't find him.  Ever the patient, nurturing, and good momma, I said groggily, "There are numerous reasons why you can't find Elfie, Sara.  First.  It's pitch dark outside.  Number Two?  GET YOUR BUTT BACK TO BED!!!!!!" 

I may or may not have growled.

Good times.  Good times.

She sure does love him, though.  Every day, we discuss where he may end up tomorrow.  And again, she is definitely the first one to find him.  Every morning by no later than 4AM.

I have to admit, however, that Elfie is getting more creative as the years go by.  Perhaps even brazen.  Using our crayons.  Holding the Advent calendar candy hostage.  Staging tea parties with stuffed animal playmates.  He spent one night 'cooling off' in the fridge. 

All in good fun.  I imagine he'll still be up to his tricks even when the kids have grown too old.  Or maybe they'll always fight for the right to be "First Elfie Finder."

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