Tuesday, December 13, 2011

feet firmly planted?

I keep saying lately that I'm doing my best to let Pookie be a star while keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground.  Is it possible to do that? 

Yesterday was just a really cool day for my sweet girl.  A few days ago, Erin Bode's manager - the superbly talented singer/songwriter who is writing a song, inspired by and containing Pookie's actual heartbeat - emailed to ask if she would be willing to sing backup on the song. 

Um, yeah!?!?!?! 

Oh, and the news anchor from our NBC affiliate would be there to interview Erin and Pookie about the story. 


So that's exactly what we did yesterday afternoon.

I have to admit I am a bit fascinated by this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the song.  We remain blind to a good part of what goes into the process - Erin met with us along with her music director, Adam, a number of weeks ago.  From our initial meet and greet, Erin and Adam had already penned about three song ideas by the time we toured the hospital with them early in November.  Adam was pretty excited when he heard Pookie's heartbeat on the digital stethoscope.  He commented that the beat of at least one of their songs would coordinate with Pookie's heart sounds.

Yesterday when we arrived at Shock City Studios, the crew had already been hard at work for 4 hours.  We were there, really, at 2:00 to meet with Mike Bush - our local news anchor who does such a great job with personal interest stories in addition to the regular news.

Pookie did a really nice job during the interview.  I have a hard time, sometimes, reminding myself that she is just 10.

And Mike Bush was such a nice guy.  He's the father of four!  It was interesting to hear him voice the same fatherly concerns I hear from my husband.  Life is just so universal.  We are more alike than different, every one of us.

Most of the afternoon, Pookie and little Sashi tried to keep themselves occupied.  Erin noted later - there's a lot of "get there and wait around" moments in recording.  What was most fascinating to me, though, and probably demonstrates my completely simple mind, was how each and every aspect of the song?  Is taped separately.  So Erin sings.  Alone.  Then she sings some background parts.  Then Adam played the guitar.  Then he played the guitar with the strum going in the opposite direction.  Whatever that's called.  Then the violinists arrived.  And wow - second chair in the St. Louis Symphony ~ Hello!  They played with Erin's husband Sid on base.

And finally, Pookie got her next minute of fame by participating in the children's choir for the song.

One little person who is always along for the ride - and who behaved so very well all afternoon, tried valiantly to impress Erin with her version of the kids' part.  She practiced with them.  She sidled her way in to the sound room.  But alas, she sat on the floor - as quietly as a mouse! - and just took it all in. Such a sweet baby girl.  Maybe she'll remember it when she's older and at least be able to say she was there.  :)  Front and center!

Such a fun afternoon.  We continue to thank our lucky stars that we get to be a part of this amazing opportunity.  But can you imagine how hard it is to keep that 10 year-old humble?!  ;)

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