Monday, December 12, 2011

The Minutes :: 12.4-12.10

My good friend Frizzy used to host Five Photos on Friday on her lovely blog Heaven's Gift.  I truly loved that series.  I was horrible at keeping up with it.  But it was a wonderful way to give a week its own props by way of an honorable review.
So - in honor of that which once was, I am giving this post up to last week.  I know, I know.  We're all over-the-moon crazy busy.  It's that time of year.  But it was just such an awesome week.  The kids are all healthy; they're getting along with their friends, doing well in school.  Basketball has begun and schedules are nuts, but everyone made it to their respective practices. { I think. } I started baking again (for the first time in months, literally)...We celebrated St. Nicholas' birthday...The kids did a great job in the Christmas Pageant...Dad built a closet from nothing.  It was just such a good week.  Let's pay it a lil homage, if you will.

I could otherwise title this post:  A Tribute to Pinterest - Thee Whom I Love.  Pooks and I are way into hair right now.  Maybe it's mostly me.  I was pretty darned impressed with myself for recreating this hairstyle on my pretty girl, though, I must say.  I, myself, am Queen of the Messy Bun.

Sash insisted on a photo alone with Santa.  She added it to her wall of friends.  Santa gave her this sign to put in the window with her list of things she wants him to bring.  Now, when he asked her what she wanted, she merely said, "Whatever you bring me."  So sweet.  Somehow she found plenty of ideas for this list.  I think she'll be very happy come Christmas morning.  ;)

St. Nick was good to the kids this year already (December 6th).  Sash's ornament is a ballerina.  Meiners' a Power Ranger.  Pooks = Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West) and T's was the golden snitch (a nod to Harry Potter).

Here's another fun Pinterest idea.  (Did I mention I love that place??)  Sashi and I had fun surprising Daddy one morning after some light snow :)

The Christmas Pageant occurred last week, as well.  Our sweet shepherd.  Lovin' that hair.  She gave up on the matching beard, though.  (Can't say I entirely blame her!)
I just ove this four year-old march march marching below in the Christmas program...and the puckered little sideways lips.  She's been making that face a lot lately.  Such focus and determination.  So cute.

And get a load of this pre-teen.  He's still three years away from being a tween - are boys tweens? - but that hair sure makes him look older than 7, I think.  He looks like a brooding teenager.  Maybe pensive is a better word.  John and I have officially decided the kids can have their way with their hair.  What's funny is it can't be short enough for Tommy.  But Matt screams when you mention a haircut.  So different.  But it fits both of them perfectly.

And cupcakes.  Yeah.  I laughed as I delivered these.  Sometimes I get this incredible notion that I can bake cupcakes.  Yet, God humbles me.  {Thank you, Lord!}  These were awful.  Just awful.  Not the recipe.  No, the recipe for the cake was D.I.V.I.N.E.  I nearly pitched them and went to buy a dozen from Dierberg's because of the frosting I chose.  Next time I'll skip the brilliant idea to top the delicious peppermint mocha cake with [ever-so-yummy but way too overpowering] mint cream cheese frosting and just top 'em with chocolate frosting.  Now that would have been Y.U.M.!  Yup.  There's always next time.  {They were pretty, though, which is half the fun!}

So, that was our week-ish in a nutshell.  My man was home most of it, taking some hard-earned vacation time, building a closet in the corner of the boys' room.  The closet looks amazing and will be such an asset to their room.  I sure love my handsome handy man.

Yup - it was definitely a great week.  And only 13 days left until Christmas!  Can you believe it??
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