Sunday, November 2, 2008

Face Book

My friend Frizzy and I go way back. Waaaaaaaaaaay Back. (OK, 20 years. Holy Batman that sounds worse than it feels!) And two days ago she sent word that she'd gotten in touch with an Old Friend of ours from high school via FaceBook. Last Fall she'd opened a spot on the FB (as all of us 'in the know' call it...) and invited me to join her to keep in touch. My only experience with FB - if you'd call it 'experience' was watching a news story unravel where a local teenage girl took her own life after a FaceBook mishap - and I wanted nothing to do with it.

Fast forward 12 months and she sends me this note. My curiosity was piqued. I Google'd 'FaceBook.' (I'm daring and dangerous like that - must. Google. first.) It looked fairly harmless and for all intensive purposes, it looked like I could create an account and invite no one to be my friend and ensure the Boogie Man could never find me, so I did it. I registered and created a second place in the blogosphere that I could call my own. Since then, I've made real live contact with two old friends, and I am cracking up. My one friend hasn't changed a bit. Crude. Funny. Grey hair's about the only change I can see. It got me to thinking. How have I changed since high school? How am I the same? Sounds like a blog post to me! So stay tuned - I'll have some pictures that will make you laugh. And some insight that will make you think. (Well, maybe. It may just be about the funny pictures.)

That's me in the back - and JO with all his girls (bwahahahahahaha...)

And here he is 20 years later...all grown up, I tell ya.

Until then,
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