Monday, November 24, 2008

Pack Rat, Anyone?

I've shared that a GIGANTIC organization frenzy is gripping me and my house right now, right? I mean, the closet's still clean, the 7 year-old's under-the-bed area is spotless, the toyroom shelf remains unhindered with abundance (well, at least one out of the 12 of them...). But, Readers, tonite I have realized something previously unknown about myself.

I. am. a. photographic. pack rat.

We are blessed in our little house to have ample amounts of storage in our basement, as seen here:

Doesn't it look all nice? I mean, had you seen it Saturday, you couldn't see the floor in front of the shelves because the shelves had exploded from the very edges of every plywood sheet and onto the floor! Seriously? The stuff on that shelf as of Saturday filled TWO ROOMS in our basement when we removed it for a very necessary cleaning! And now I am faced with the task of putting it all away (after ridding ourselves of - hopefully - at least some of it).
But here's what I've discovered as I'm returning the best things and purging the rest of the things.
...I like to take pictures.
Now that's a revelation.
But, apparently, about the time I started having kids, I stopped scrapbooking. Prior to kids, I completed 19 scrapbooks - and they are all tenderly placed back onto those freshly painted shelves. But what about all these pictures? (And that doesn't even COUNT the ones since the digital age...!!!)

My goal for this school year has been to organize my little home enough that, come February/March when we're all going a little stir-crazy from winter and we're needing to spread our wings a little, my family doesn't go through it's now-annual ritual of looking to buy a bigger house. My goal has been to make this house work for us. Bigger families have lived in smaller houses! We should be able to stay here - for at least a few more years.
This weekend, we took a major step in accomplishing these enumerated goals of mine. It looks realistically like I will be able to accomplish my major organization rehab by New Year's. My adjusted goal for the remainder of the school year will be taming the Picture-Taking Beast.
Obviously, that means my picture piles -not me.

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