Monday, November 10, 2008

Stereotypes...stay tuned

Do you fit into a stereotype? What type of person are you? Is there a mold that suits you best? Perhaps the cast was shattered once you came upon this earth...

For days (and days and days and...) I have busily photographed Halloween happenings and other fall festivities around my 3 school-age children's schools. I snapped over 200 pictures of cute (sometimes s.c.a.r.y.) costumed characters and 100s of pictures of robots (yes, I said robots). I have edited, processed, taped, formatted, copied, scanned, ate, cooked, cleaned, dreamt, and even finished taking, processing, and sharing all these photos with their intended recipients as of tonite. I think I'm tired of taking pictures (oh, I'm not fooling anyone - I LOVE taking pictures --- almost as much as I love my new camera. OK. Actually more. Fine. Moving on.)

Tonite I valiantly worked to publish a post on Stereotypes. I actually began writing it a week ago (notice no new posts??? This one is taking a while...) And as I sat at the computer tonite and the clock slowly ticked towards midnight and panic quickly began to build in my chest over my fear of no sleep and need for extra doses of morning caffeine because of it...I decided to tickle your tastebuds for the real post I am writing and share some of these cool robot (yes, I said robot) photos I took this morning. And I can go to bed. Post completed. (Well, except for the one about Stereotypes...maybe he'll stay in draft form like my If You Give a Mouse a Cookie made-for-blog story of the mother with ADD...for another day, that one is. Don't steal my idea.)
So. Tonite? What type of robot are you?
Are you the kind who's always happy? Never showing the world a frown?

Or the one, in a world of giants, feeling rather down (here)...

Maybe you're the full-time cook. Your children call you by name.

Perhaps it's love you're seeking.

Or someone to tame your wild mane.

Vacation sound appealing? You're going a little nuts?

At least you don't resemble this the rain, he's gonna rust. (That's 'look old' in robot speak)

Well, let me be there to help a lending hand. Push your buttons back in. Take your hand. Share a smile.

Cuz in robot land, there are no stereotypes. George Lucas writes your rhymes. And all good children go to bed. Early.


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