Thursday, November 13, 2008

In a galaxy far, far away

Do you ever think about the circles that exist within blogging? That we are all sort of 7 degrees away from each other, yet we tend to 'hang' in a certain sphere of the blogworld?

There are blogs I visit daily. Admittedly, sometimes more than once each day...I'll pop in to see if there's something new, or if someone new commented. For the most part, I am predictable. I head to the same place first. I derive quite a bit of inspiration and/or laughs from several of the same women, so I'll visit those ladies before moving on to others. I might click on a new face that intrigues me one way or the other in the comment sections of my regular reads. Maybe this person has an interesting blog title. Or an interesting face. Or an interesting comment. Whatever the case may be, I'll head to their spot in the blogosphere amidst my rounds. Perhaps from there linking to another location. Pretty soon I have 5 or so windows opened on my screen [and yes, the dreaded plethora of playlists all MUTED at that point...for those of us lonely bodies out there who insist upon keeping it going...;) ]. Yet, I return to my main list of 'friends.'

I would venture to say that the gals on my blogroll 'roll' like me. We are like-minded, similarly yoked, mostly in the same season of our lives...They 'get' me - and I understand them.

Do you ever think about alternative universes in blogworld? Do you ever wonder if there are groups of women (hey - men, too, I suppose) who are just so entirely different from the person you are that you would probably never cross paths with them in person or online? Yet, they read each other's blogs daily, commenting on their similar lives and thoughts, completely 'getting' each other. Yet, never knowing about us - this group of friends over here with our own particular bent. Would we all just prefer it that way - like seeing stars up in the sky that are each their own separate sun in unknown universes. Places and beings we will never meet...and do we prefer it that way?

Do you ever think about this?
Or have I just seen Star Wars Episode VI one too many times?
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