Saturday, August 21, 2010

One Night @ Chez Hospital

It was quite honestly another whirlwind day.  Only this one with a little more fear and a lot more time on our hands.  Ever since my clandestined experience with the wonder of a shop in San Francisco they call Kara's Cupcakes, I've dreamed of sprinkles dancing on cupcakes in the StL {my new life goal is to visit a cupcake shop in every major city}.  But when Friday rolled around and I found myself finally seated at a booth in The Cup in Central West End, I feverishly swallowed my Mocha Cappuccino cupcake.  I quietly smooshed the last bites of frosting and tasty cake off my plate into the trashcan (say what??) before dashing out the door.  I was 30 miles from my daughter who struggled to breathe in her school nurse's office.  Ironically, blocks from the pediatric e.r. where she needed to be.  But I raced to her side, having forgotten the taste of chocolate-laced coffee bean on my tongue.

Pookie landed herself a one night's stay last night in the hospital.  It's been a good five years since she last spent an evening in a room there.  I didn't like it.  Not one bit.  And I found myself repeatedly atoning her with, "Nothing happens fast in a hospital."  The poor girl's souped up on medicines like albuterol and steroids.  For a child who talks prolifically - more than most - it was interesting to see her on hyper-drive.  She demanded speed and attention.  No one moved fast enough.  And I was her only audience.

But we made it home tonite in time to celebrate Grammie's birthday.  We piggy-backed the twins with Grammie today since we have big things planned in the horizon for the twins.  But I wanted to post this pic of our family.  Each one of them saved the day today.  I had big plans (again), big plans I say - to have a fabulous diner en blanc tonite.  Instead, we focused on what was most important:  family, celebrating those birth milestones with good ol' fashioned burgersbratsanddogs alongside potato salad, chips n salsa, and fruit - potlucked together by the family {Pookie and I made it home literally30 minutes before partytime!}. 

Tonite we snapped those all-important family photos as soon as everyone arrived.  I've been reading a fair amount of photography books I'd like to share with you one day soon.  But getting photos out of the way first thing at parties like this one was a good tip in one of the books I'm reading.  That, and smooshing everyone together so all you see are a sea of faces.  The author said, if you see feet, you're too far out.    (I'm getting better, but c'mon!  Sometimes bare naked toddler feet BEG to be photographed, don't you think??  That, and I hate my hair.  What am I going to do with it??)

Anyway ~ it was indeed another whirlwind day with a weekend party involved (though not back2back ~ I'll still get to that little social science experiment soon.  Just not tonite.  Tonite, I need sleep.)

Anyway, not exactly a storybook party, but then again, a story indeed.

Happy Birthday Mom!
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