Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Tale of a Tripod, a Timer, and a Trip Together

Recently, my man and I did something we never do.  He took a business trip and I joined up with him to spend some time vacationing together ~ just the two of us. 

The extra-fortunate part of the whole thing was that the part of California where his company's headquarters
reside is just a wee bit south of the town where my best friend from high school lives!  It was a win-win situation, so I begged him to make it happen.  Lucky for me, he loves me like he does.  Cuz the next thing I knew, I was on a plane to San Francisco!

Day 1: I ditched The Man and spent the day hanging out at the beach with Frizzy and Yaya!  (OK, actually, he was working ~ and I was spending his money.  Isn't that what I do every day?)  Even though I'm pretty sure Frizzy got all frizzed-out trying to figure out what to do with me for the day, she knew I'd be perfectly content walking and driving around just looking for pretty things to take pictures of.  And the girl has quite an eye for pretty, letmejusttellyouthatforsure.  It was perfect - she'd see a spot, pull over, and wait for me to get my shot, then off we'd go to find the next little gem! 
My single request for the day - besides just hanging out together - was to find a cupcake.  Yup.  Just a cupcake.  And Frizz came through there, too.  Ask any of my kids, "What's Mommy's favorite store in San Francisco?"

Kara's Cupcakes @ Ghirardelli Square!

The next day, The Man and I visited Armstrong Woods and spent a lovely afternoon traveling through the Russian River Wine Country.  We ended the day at Lucas Wharf eating lobster mac-n-cheese and sipping pomegranate mojitos.

The absolute best part of the whole day was when my husband said to me, "This entire day has been a God-thing."  We didn't know what we were doing or where we were going when we began touring the wineries - and after a heckuva long hike up a heckuva steep mountain, we didn't have a ton of time left to do the one thing we really wanted to do: Visit Wine Country.  But I prayed that it would be special for us and I was led to the beginning: a very good place to start.  The letter A.  I found a winery that began with an A and I directed my sweet manly man to it.  Once we were there, the very nice lady behind the counter gave us a ticket to go to four additional wineries with the tastings at each spot on the house!   WooHoo!

At the fourth winery we visited (HopKiln), the wine steward happened to be the person who wrote the computer program in the 80's in Silicon Valley that my husband's company runs today.  For the man's company.  At Winery #5 (Twomey - we drove by it four times in what could've been horrible construction traffic, yet each time we got right through - and just before the winery closed!!!), the wine steward was a native of Hawaii who gave us intimate advice on where to go - even where to buy frozen peas to feed the tropical fish in the bay - when we go on Pookie's Make A Wish trip.  We learned a ton about wine ~ and maybe we drank a ton of wine ~ but it was exceptional!  We loved the whole day!

On the banks of Bodega Bay

The third day, we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge {brrrrrrrrrrr!}and had an absolute blast touring San Francisco with the very funny Yanni on our Segways!

The coldest winter I ever spent was my summer in San Francisco (not, actually, Mark Twain).

Totally worth it to take a Segway Tour ~ We had a blast! ~ in front of Alcatraz.
So there you have it.  Memories to last a lifetime ~ I can't wait to put together a photo album of all 600 pictures I took.  Golly it's a good thing I have a tripod, a camera with a timer, and a man who is willing to listen to my crazy ideas and take me on a trip ~ just the two of us, together!
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