Thursday, August 12, 2010

For Ever and For Always.

We are seriously living it up here in the StL.  Hubby and I took some time while he traveled on business last week to enjoy SanFrancisco and neighboring areas.  I spent a wonderful day with my amazing friends Frizzy and Yaya on that trip, as well.  After a somewhat nightmarish flight back to the midwest late Sunday, we immediately packed up the family and took everyone to the StarWars exhibit at the Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville Alabama Monday morning.  (More pictures of all of that to come.) We literally drove down one day, spent one whole day at the museum, and drove back home the next day. 
That was yesterday. 

We came back because those two up above were asked to lead our congregation and many of our local educators and administrators in prayer at our church tonite.  Our church hosts an evening of prayer for local schools each year just before school starts.  The twins were asked to pray on behalf of all pre-K to 5th grade students.  In preparation, today, I took them to get their hair cut.  And they finished writing and typing out their prayers.  By themselves.  I actually wasn't able to attend the event due to a meeting at the school, but I watched in awe at their videotaping.  I'm not sure how I got to be so fortunate as to be their mom.   Look at how grown up they've become!  I look at this picture and have a difficult time remembering that they are still just 8.  Sure, in 3 weeks they turn 9 ~ but for right now, even though they look all geared up to head to the prom with their dates waiting in the wings or maybe to her rehearsal dinner...they're still my babies. 

For always.

Mr. T: Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day and us being able to pray to you. Thank you for summer vacation and having time with our friends and family. Thank you for allowing us to be safe and not allowing any tornados to come this way this summer. Thank you for a new school year and the opportunity to get better at math and other subjects.

Pookie: Please help us get good grades and help us make new friends. Please help the teachers be nice and help us all behave in school. Please let there be no bullies. Let us have lots of chances to learn and to have fun. Help us show Jesus’ love every day. Thank you for hearing our prayers. In Jesus’ name we pray.

Both: Amen.
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