Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where Science Met Imagination

After we returned home from San Francisco Sunday (and what a trip home it was for me --- I finally made it to StL~International a mere 8 hours after my scheduled landing...), we woke up early Monday morning, packed everyone into the van and drove to Huntsville AL, home of the U.S. Space and Rocket Museum - or Space Camp, as most of us are more familiar.

This summer, USSRM is home to the traveling StarWars exhibit.  And beings that Mr. T used to be  the biggest StarWars fan that ever lived (that's a story in and of itself - for another day), we thought it would be fun to take him there as his 9th birthday gift.

We drove down Monday, hung out all day Tuesday at the center, and drove home on Wednesday.  15 hours in the car, but the kids were super!  And we discovered that we had seen and done everything while we were there.  The kids thought the outdoor play area was a blast - they went on the centrifuge-spinning-thingy so many times even Pookie got a little nauseous.  There were no lines - the ride operators let them go over and over and over and over and ... *hurl*.  (haha!  Just kidding.  No one got sick.  coughexceptmecough.)

The actual StarWars exhibit was quite cool, as well.  The costumes and models of the ship were mostly sentimental to me and The Man.  But the hands-on robotics displays/magnetism demonstrations, and even videos of real-life stuff as it related to the various planets of StarWars kept everyone's interest.  It was just a lot of fun!

We came home and prepared for two back-to-back parties in the backyard.  It was a science experiment, really...

Question:  Is it better to spread out the soirees to most appreciate them and be best prepared?  Or should you smash as many parties and people into your backyard in a 24 hour period as is out-of-this-worldy possible? 
Hypothesis:  I'll let you know my thoughts in the days to come...
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