Thursday, November 4, 2010

North Shore Coconut

Meiners and his Coconut
I love this picture of Meiners from our last night in Hawaii.  I really wanted to get a picture of the entire family on the beach at sunset - I actually looked into hiring a professional to take photos for us, but when he saw the price tag, Mister said, "No way," so I packed the tri-pod (and maybe threatened the kids that if they didn't smile...).  Anyway, the last night, we drove up to the North Shore - famous for it's awesome waves and surfing scene from October through April ... and now we know why!!!  (Yikes!  MONSTER waves!  We almost lost a kid or two from the currents while we took a few photos of just me & Mister!)  We arrived just in the nick of time - man the sun sets fast in Hawaii ;) - and captured the perfect shot for our Christmas cards this year!

Me and Mister @ the North Shore
Anyway, back to the coconut.  I love this picture of Meiners because it reminds me how he is always finding treasures.  (Like the acorns I found under his bed last winter...and the weavils I found all around those acorns...).  He was the one who found plumeria flower after plumeria flower and always insisted I put them in my hair.  And made sure I placed them on the correct side so all the Hawaiians would know I was taken.  The last flowers he gave me came from the plate of his first class ice cream sundae.  I brought them home and laid them on my kitchen window sill so that I would be reminded of his chivalry.   They're wilted and wrinkly now - probably need to be tossed like those infamous acorns before they wield similarly unsavory friends - so I wanted to document it here.  And also, because no story of Meiners and Daddy goes without a little laughter.  As we recall how the two of them tried to break open that coconut to sample real coconut milk.  Indeed.

Channeling their inner survivor man

Notice what happened to the rock ~ while the coconut remains unscathed

As close as they ever got to coconut milk
 Yeah - one look at that balcony.  It's no wonder they voodoo'd our dolls.
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