Monday, November 8, 2010

On Being Uncharacteristic

Saturday night, Make A Wish continued to spoil us by inviting our family to their Night of Wishes ~ a gala event at the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis.  Beautiful music was played by wish kids Elizabeth and Isaiah.  We were wowed by not only the music, but also the food, and the entertaining painting skills and theatrics of Dan Dunn.  About half-way through Mr. Dunn's performance, my husband walked to my side of the table and whispered into my ear, "I'm going to bid on one of his paintings."  I looked at him twice.  Uh-huh.  It was Mister.  I easily agreed and sat back to watch the remainder of the evening unfold.

in our defense, this was late @ night  :)

I'm not sure this photo does the size of this painting any justice.  I'm off to rent a UHaul to bring our new friend Ray Charles home to roost.  And that's all I'm saying.


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