Monday, November 1, 2010

VooDoo Dolls

So after Pooks highjacked my blog last week (I really was pretty busy with all those parties), I tried to convince T to do the same today.  There's one more story of Hawaii that gives him the giggles every time we mention it.  He was a no-go, though, falling asleep before the sun went down tonite along with his little brother (WHAT?!?!  Yeah, it was Halloween last night for sure!)  SO it's up to me.

You see, Pookie took her American Girl doll to Hawaii.  Her sweet li'l Mini-Me with the vibrant blue eyes and graceful blonde hair.  When we returned to our hotel room after the first day, we didn't think much of it.  The maid had sort of placed MiniPookie on the pillows at the head of the bed.  Everything seemed to be in order.  No problems to note.  Pookie snuggled with her doll and fell fast asleep.

Day 2, we returned to our room at the end of the day and MiniPookie was a little tossled at the head of the bed.  Her legs weren't exactly perpendicular to the cotton sheets and her hair was maybe a wee bit mussed, but again - not too much to notice.  I thought she looked a little rougher than expected, but Pookie picked her up and loved on her a little and we all fell fast asleep.

Now, before I move to Day 3, let me back up a moment.  In our Make A Wish paperwork were suggestions of tip amounts for the staff at the hotel.  Now, my husband travels a lot on business and hasn't really made a point of leaving a tip for the cleaning staff.  I have to say I've never done so in my lifetime, either.  So, I mentioned the idea of tipping to him, but, again, we didn't think too much about it.  That is, until Day 3.  When T dropped a truckload of sand out of his swim trunks after returning to the room.  Onto the bathroom floor.  And then so did Meiners.  And maybe Pookie did, too.  We're talking SAND, baby.  Lots of it.  So we left the maid a tip.  And The Mister spoke to her apologetically about the mess on our way out and mentioned the cash left for her.  Oh, she waved us on and said, "No problem!"

And that night, when we arrived home, MiniPookie's hair had been brushed smooth as silk.  And her little hula clothes straighened just right.  And she sat prim and proper at the top of the bed just so. 

When what to my wondering thoughts should appear:  Day 4.  Apparently, we hadn't left quite the mess on Day 4, so we may have forgotten or decided against a tip on that particular day.  But our staff had not. forgotten.  Because when we arrived home at the end of Day 4, here's what we found of MiniPookie:

We left a tip the rest of the week.
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