Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello World! This is Pookie!

I am writing about my trip to Hawaii.  My Make A Wish trip!  Mom's always talking about her favorites, but since she's on the phone planning Halloween parties at school, I snuck into the reading room to tell you mine.

My first favorite part was swimming with dolphins at Sea Life Park.  I got a kiss and a belly ride.  I also got to tickle it.  I got to hold up its talk, and while the trainer was showing us the parts that make it a girl, the dolphin pooped.  Mom's dolphin pooped, too.  She says swimming in dolphin poop was the grossest part of the trip.  (I bet she didn't tell you that!)  I thought it was kind of weird seeing a dolphin poop!

I also liked the luau because I got to go up on stage with these pompom thingies.  Someone in the audience cried, "Shake it little girl!"  And the guy that picked me to dance on stage gave me an autograph.  I got to dance with him.

I also liked the helicopter ride.  We got to fly over the whole island of Oahu.  We even got to see Rabbit Island.  And we saw where they are building a new Walt Disney Resort!  When Sashi fell asleep on the helicopter, Mom said it was the most expensive nap she'd ever taken.

I also liked the plane ride home from Oahu to Chicago because the stewardess let me go up in the kitchen.  And they even let me pick up trash at the end of the time with them, but I was asleep.  They gave us snacks and first class ice cream!  I got to call the pilot to see if he wanted his dessert from the kitchen.  I called and said, "Hi!  I'm the new flight attendant.  Would you like your dessert?"  He was like "Sure!"  So I said "OK!"  The stewardess took ice cream out of the ice cabinet (because they don't have freezers) and brang him his ice cream.

OK.  I probably better go now.  Mom just got off the phone and might be headed here. 

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