Monday, October 25, 2010

Hawaii {Top} Five-o

Tired girl gets off the plane after 9 long hours...

Wow!  Thank you for your kind words and anticipation of our stories and photos!  (I'm feeling a lot of pressure on the photo front.  Viewing and reviewing, I'm trying to decide what makes "the readers' cut!"  Yikes!)

In the highlight reel of our Hawaii week, I think in terms of five main moments. 

First and foremost, surfing.

Pookie and T were both going to swim with dolphins.  Worrying that Meiners would feel neglected, we decided to take him to surf lessons.  The Man came upon Hans Hedemann Surf School right on Waikiki Beach.  I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing they are.  Actually, I'm going to tell you. 

They. Are. Amazing. 

We walked in to the surf shop Monday afternoon with 6 year-old Meinie quietly nervous but thrilled and in tow.  There was hustling and bustling and a bit of a wait when finally the woman behind the counter looked me straight in the eye and said, "I see your Make A Wish pin on you and your husband.  Is Meiners the wish kid?"  No, I pointed to Pookie.  "My manager said he'll take both children out."  The store manager - also her husband - James Donnelly - most definitely did take both kids out.  After letting Meiners, I mean, Surf Instructor Mein-Chow, show the class how to catch a wave with style and penache in the surf shop, he gave both Meiners AND Pookie the surfing time of their lives on the waves!

Surf Boy with James Donnelly

Surfer Girl
James told Meiners he was hired and to come back the next day @0830 to teach the next lesson.  We did return the next morning - just to make arrangements for another lesson, but when we left to head on to Sea Life Park for dolphin swimming, Meinie burst into tears.  He truly wanted to stay the day there with James and teach the tourists how to surf.  We finally gave him the chance to surf again Thursday, and James further rose to superhero status by bringing Meiners back to the front of the class - and then taking all three big kids out for almost 3 hours, on a one-hour surf lesson dime.  He even tried to take Sashi - who stood on the pier singing love songs to "her James."  But, she went mute when he offered her the board, so off he went with the others instead.  Poor girl.  Would've made for some pretty fabulous photos.

T & Pooks looking stellar!

She still gets the love
 I will refer people to Hans Hedemann and to James Donnelly @ Waikiki from here to the moon and back.  They were not only generous to us, but James as an instructor understood who was timid and who was able to go out to bigger waves.  He told the kids great {age-appropriate} surf jokes perfect for Halloween!  He made surfing incredibly fun - and looked like he was having just as much fun as the kids were.  The whole experience was incredible!

In the highlight reel of my Hawaii, Surfing is Hawaii.

Come back tomorrow to see Hawaii Five-2... 
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