Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Parked" Back @ Home

Hey Hey all you blog fans! 

Or should I say "ALOHA!"

The blog is back up and running and have I got a smorgasbord of photos for you this week! 

Or should I say a "Luau" of photos?

Our family just returned from Pookie's Make A Wish trip to Hawaii!  I don't even know where to begin.  From the humble gratitude we have towards Make A Wish for giving Pooks and all of us this trip to the truly phenomenal memories we made to the absolute enormity of the task of now documenting our experiences in print...Can I just tell you that I cried and cried and ... cried ... yesterday?  The day we came home. 
From Paradise!

This experience is one we will never forget ~ and truly, truly we appreciate Make A Wish and their sponsors (Applebee's!) for making it happen!  We're not a family who defines itself by a child's life-threatening medical condition ~ there is so much more to living than that.  But it does exist.  And without defining, it does shape us.  We were finding outlets in airports for lung meds and mixing heart medicines on the plane before 'bedtime' and all the things we just do because it's what we do.  Not who we are, but what we do.  Because we have to.  Because her life is precious.  Because there is no alternative. 
But this trip...

This trip....Meant everything.
And I'll tell you about it starting tomorrow!
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